“The SENSEsational Alphabet is most remarkable and will be useful not only for the visually or hearing impaired, but for all children. This well illustrated book will sensitize children and make them aware of different forms of communication. Kudos to Ms. April Rofe for this invaluable and creative multi-sensory approach to learning the alphabet.”

Arnold P. Gold, MD
Professor of Clinical Neurology
Professor of Clinical Pediatrics
Columbia University

“The SENSEsational Alphabet is unique in that it makes the Alphabet accessible to all children regardless of each child’s mode of learning, or the presence of any specific difficulty or disability. Each child can benefit from this book’s different sensory modes for learning such as seeing, touching, smelling and hearing. Additionally, this book will help all children (and their parents) to appreciate the need to understand each other and build a harmonious society.”

Leslie Rubin, MD
Medical Director, TEAM Centers and Developmental Pediatrics Specialists
Co-director, Southeast PEHSU, Emory University
Visiting Scholar, Department of Pediatrics Morehouse School of Medicine

“The SENSEsational Alphabet is a fun, engaging, and education book which stimulates the learning process. The pictures, sounds, smells and Braille encompass all learning modalities making it a great educational tool for parents and teachers alike.”

Emma Perkins
Preschool Teacher

“I absolutely love The SENSEsational Alphabet! I have 4 children and 2 grandchildren and we have spent countless hours reading together. My 3 year old grandson and I spend many hours at bookstores scouring the shelves for new and exciting books to read. This book is “one of a kind” and my grandson was drawn to it immediately due to its many exciting and educational features.”

Karin Jacobson
Mother, Grandmother